Shade Isle is a Classic D&D campaign that takes place in a world called Færith, the first persistent campaign setting that my first gaming group and I ever devised, way back in the ancient days of high school. Færith is a world in recovery, slowly climbing back up to a modern level of technology, a thousand years after a magical cataclysm blasted civilization back to the Dark Ages and made all the world’s elves mortal.

There are now many kingdoms on the continent of Lethandria: nations of men and dwarves and elves and others. The northernmost kingdom is called Laomark; to its immediate south is the land of Rûne. A breakaway state called Dolheim, situated between these two large kingdoms and ruled by an iron-fisted tyrant, Prince Svartsen the Black, has lately been sending all of its criminals, malcontents, prisoners, and slaves to a pœnal colony across the sea, the mysterious Shade Isle.

Shade Isle is home to a weird priesthood which calls itself the Church of Acrefatum: a cult that trades in slaves, human sacrifices, and magical artifacts. The cult is based out of a mountain complex called Shade Abbey, and goodness only knows how deep into the earth its passages, tunnels, and mine-shafts run. There is evil on and within Shade Isle, and deadly peril; but treasure too, for adventurers with bravery enough to seek it, and wits enough to claim it without losing their lives in the process!

The Shade Isle Campaign

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