The Shade Isle Campaign

Game Session #18: Skating o’er the Frozen Bog

...or, "Walking in a Winter Wonder-Swamp"

This will be another quick session report. A lot happened, but it’s easy to describe.

1. Party finished exploring Hellstrommus Tower. They ganked, questioned, and killed Dr. Cornelius Hellstrommus, the necromancer who lived there. They took his stuff, including his spell-books, some clockwork spring-heeled jackboots, and his magical wand of frost and orb of knocking. But the company chose not to use the orb on the sarcophagus in his basement, for fear of disturbing a nosferatu that the necromancer claimed was lurking down there.

2. After that, the players resolved to spend the rest of this session exploring the rest of the Merkbog, or at least getting the layout of all the terrain. They fought some ghouls in a graveyard, they met some crazy Deliverance-Gnomes, they hiked hither and thither over lots of frozen quicksand as Feburary of 917 wore on into March, and they found both an evil artifact (the Eye of Izatu-Bal) and the Starshrine to Baldur. On the way out of the bog, they tangled with some harpies, and then they headed back to Shade Abbey.

3. There, they once again descended down to sub-level 1B, the Temple of Devotions, where they (mostly) finished exploring areas 4 (the Maze of Minos), 18 (the Fairy Forest), and 19 (the Hall of Heads).

And that’s all I have to say about that. (Close to five months’ worth of gaming now, and the party has explored about half of Shade Isle, but they’re still on level one of Shade Abbeysmiley-rolleyes008.gif)


jhiggins327 jhiggins327

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