Henrik Iverssen

Lawful Human Technologist, Lv5


Str 9
Dex 11
Con 10
Int 14 (+1)
Wis 10
Cha 10

Hit Points: 12 (hit dice 5d4, average value 12.5)
Armor Class: 7
Fighting Capability: +2 (melee +2, missile +2, save 7)
Experience: 50,484 / 58,000

Racial Talents: Ambitious & Adaptable
Class Abilities: Craftsman, Technology, Smithy, Breakthrough Invention
Skills: Civics 1, Craft 4, Diplomacy 1, Knowledge 4, Medicine 3, Perception 1, Trade 1
Languages: Nhordi, Rûnish

Equipment: Dämmendell Fury (10 lbs), Travelling Clothes, Suit, Waterskin (1 lb), Tinderbox, Torch (1 lb), Leather Jerkin (10 lbs), Artificer’s Lab (10 lbs; at camp), Backpack (2 lbs), Ætheric Flux Detector (use 3/day; 5 lbs), Tricorn Hat, Mechanics’ Tools (2 lbs), Forensics Tools (1 lb), Elfsteel Rapier +1 (1 lb), Dwarven Revolvers ×2 (4 lbs), 16 Bullets (1 lb), Spyglass (master-crafted +2, 4/5; 1 lb), Oscilloscope (2 lbs), Built Devices and Inventions (13 lbs), “Harvester” Machine-Gun (10 lbs)
Treasure: 2 cp, 133 sp, 60 ep
Encumbrance: 74 / 80 lbs (lightly encumbered, −1 to Athletics and Stealth rolls)
Movement: 90’ (30’)


Devices Built at One Time: 4 (3 + Int mod)
Fuel Points per Day: 3/2/1

Degrees Learned:

Primary Field: Chemistry & Explosives Secondary Field: Physics & Mechanics Tertiary Field: Biology & Medicine
1. Chemical Smoke Ballistic Projectile Herbal Healer*
2. Psychotropic Compound Optic Flash Stimulant*
3. Metallic Alloy Magnetic Field
4. Explosive Combustion
5. Toxin/Antitoxin

Devices Built:

1. Hallucinogenic Compound Grenade (2 lbs)
2. Herbal Healer Injector (1 lb)
3. Explosive Combustion Bomb (4 lbs)
4. Magnetic Field Generator (3 lbs)
B. Ballistic Projectile Gun (2 lbs)


Henrik was born the second son of an industrial merchant. At a young age he demonstrated an interest in the sciences, so his father financed his education all the way to university. Henrik pursued studies in chemistry, though he also demonstrated talent in mechanics.

Henrik was exiled to Shade Isle when he published a research paper refuting a popular theory involving the table of elements. The original author of the theory he refuted happened to be related to a noble family, pulling strings to have Henrik labeled as an undesirable.

Shade Isle has changed Henrik. For the most part, his technological expertise has been turned toward violent ends. In addition, he has developed a single-minded determination to wipe out the death cult he has discovered.

Henrik’s demeanor is generally pleasant, though he is often detached and callous. He is arrogant and supremely assured of his own capabilities, but he is an abject coward when it comes to physical danger.

Henrik Iverssen

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