Naeyl Røddenbald

Lawful Human Man-at-Arms, deceased


Hit Points: 7 (1 HD)


Naeyl was a young man in his mid-twenties who had been transported to Shade Isle mere months ago, for reasons he never entirely understood. He believed that it had possibly been a case of mistaken identity. Previously, he’d worked in Dolheim as an apprentice tradesman, sometime caravan-guard, and reserve soldier. Of all the professions he’d ever had, Naeyl had liked soldiering best at all, since he’d never been ambitious and had found the structure of a military life to be easy to cope with. Blessed with an easygoing personality and an open mind, he found success for a time, working for the adventuring company. Sadly, Naeyl met his untimely end in Sade Abbey’s Keep. After the defeat of Patriarch Pallidech, he was accosted by phantoms guarding the vault where the Domstag Codex was kept, and his life-force was drained away by a single deathly touch.

Naeyl Røddenbald

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