Tommy Twofinger

Neutral Gnome Expert, deceased


Str 12
Dex 16 (+2)
Con 9
Int 6 (−1)
Wis 8 (−1)
Cha 10

Hit Points: 11
Experience: 7,400 / 12,000 (Lv3)

Skills: Athletics 2, Craft 3, Perception 4, Stealth 2, Trade 1
Languages: Nhordi


Tommy Twofinger was a gnome pickpocket and burglar of Laeshic nationality. (Despite this, he spoke with a Brooklyn accent, rather than a Cockney or brogue.) A perplexing and contrived series of unfortunate events landed him on Shade Isle, where he found himself mostly stuck in the Sægen Village area, unwilling to wander far afield without the protection of an adventuring company. Upon meeting Henrik, Viktor, and Silverhart, he agreed to join their band as an expert burglar and scout.

From then on, Tommy’s skill at archery and trap-finding proved invaluable to the party. He was something of an MVP, both in and out of combat, the entire time the company was exploring the Old Connaian Fortress east of Sægen. Their first trip to Dwerport proved ill-fated, though; for although Tommy’s underworld connections allowed the party to make contact with the thieves’ guild there, they still ran afoul of the assassins’ guild. A careless moment of forgetting to check for traps as the company tried to break in through the back door of an assassins’ guild safe-house caused the fatal discharge of an electrical shock-trap, and Tommy’s illustrious career was… shorted out.

Tommy Twofinger

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