Werterrix Plainstrider

Lawful Ogre Fighter, deceased


Str 13 (+1)
Dex 10
Con 9
Int 13 (+1)
Wis 8 (−1)
Cha 10

Hit Points: 8
Experience: 269 / 2,000

Skills: Athletics 2, Knowledge 2, Medicine 1, Outdoors 2
Languages: Nhordi


Werterrix Plainstrider, also known as Werterrix the Bold, was an adventurous ogress warrior from the Plains of Nestived who got transported to Shade Isle after an unfortunate tavern-altercation with some Dolhemian secret police. Never one to sit idle, she immediately took to exploring the Lornwood and Merkbog regions, and kept crude maps of her explorations. But, as practically one of the only brave souls living in Sægen Village at the time, she couldn’t risk long expeditions, and was thus only able to wander a few leagues out in any direction, at least until she met the adventuring company.

Holding high ambitions as a treasure-hunter and ruins-explorer, Werterrix was ready and willing to join up with Henrik and Viktor and explore the Old Connaian Fortress. But before that opportunity could ever materialize, she ran afoul of bandits in the Lornwood and was run through by Jaxter the bandit-chief.

Werterrix Plainstrider

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