Ancient Battlefield

On the very northeastern edge of the Merkbog is the site of a long-forgotten battle. Even though whatever happened here happened ages ago, bones and bits of rusty weapons can still be found in the dry, cracked soil here, uncovered occasionally by the eroding wind that blows southward down the pass into the Zhadenalv Mountains.

Legend says that during the new moon, the ghosts of the soldiers who fought and died here in a past age of the world come alive again to haunt the place and eternally re-fight their fateful battle.

When the adventuring company managed to finally visit this place during a new moon, it also happened to be New Year’s Day—January the 1st, 917 anno imperii. At the stroke of midnight, they witnessed an incredible sight:

  • Ghostly images of what seemed at first to be animal-men or lycanthropes appeared on the plain. They raised their arms and heads, revealing that the beings in the vision were actually ordinary men—or, to be more precise, Neanderthal-esque cavemen—wearing animal-skins. The cavemen started chanting and praying.
  • In the distance, there appeared a number of strange “giants” which looked like ten-foot-tall skeletons with bird-beaks, wreathed in orange flame.
  • The shamans started to dance, which called forth a horde of hundreds and hundreds of undead.
  • Fire and lighting started to rain from the sky, blasting undead by the dozens and occasionally killing a shaman. At the same time, the undead-hordes started swarming the flaming giants one by one, bringing them down and snuffing out the flame.
  • At last, the remaining giants turned to the skies with their arms raised; an enormous comet appeared overhead and came streaking down to the battlefield. The vision ended in the very moment the comet struck.

Searching the battle-field again, the adventurers now found that barely a foot or two down under the surface, the whole field rested upon an enormous bed of melted meteor-iron. The party has since asked the dwarves of Dämmendell to start mining the iron for them.

Ancient Battlefield

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