Baroness Skaadi

The Baroness Skaadi is one of Svartsen the Black‘s Twelve Avengers. She is rumored to be a both a sword-fighter and a spell-caster of unparalleled skill, and she personally slew many of Dwerport’s townsfolk while establishing martial law there.

A woman of middle-age, still sternly beautiful, with fair skin, pale ice-blue eyes, and platinum hair, she wears a sky-blue cape draped over gleaming elfsteel armor whenever she goes out in public.

In spite of her fierce reputation, the adventuring company has so far managed to pull the wool over the Baroness’s eyes, convincing her that they are emissaries of Shade Abbey. She made Gibli (disguised at the time as an abbey guard lieutenant) into a temporary captain and gave him a requested detachment of fifty men to help defend the abbey against raiders and adventurers. (Sixty percent of these soldiers would die shortly thereafter when the party raided the Berserk Bay Pirates’ Cove; the rest would die a couple of weeks later, slain by the party after trying to mutiny aboard said pirates’ ship, the Mad Slasher). The party also managed to slip her a chest full of fools’ gold (carefully worked into coins and plated with thin coatings of real gold by the dwarves of Dämmendell) as a ransom to free Fruben Flinthelm; and Connor also slipped his mirror of narcissism into the chest, although what may yet come of this remains to be seen.

At some point in December of 916, the baroness was recalled back to Dolheim, apparently in disgrace.

Baroness Skaadi

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