Dwerport is a large town on the west coast of Shade Isle which sits within the harbor of Berserk Bay. Its buildings, walls, and streets are all of angular, sturdy stone construction—the work of dwarves long ago—but now the town is populated by a fair mix of dwarves and humans, especially Rûnelanders.

News in Dwerport

  • The Dolhemian Navy is blockading the town, and has been doing so for more than a year now. They don’t permit ships to leave Berserk Bay, unless those ships are from Dolheim. Dolhemian Merchant ships, though, don’t do much trade with the locals: they just hand slaves and other captives over to patrols from Shade Abbey, pick up their cargo of mana stones in exchange, and leave.
  • Dwerport’s Mayor, Vestlig Danver, was recently murdered. The adventuring company heard this news in July of 916, during their first (and so far, only) visit to Dwerport. Since then, Deputy Vice-Mayor Fruben Flinthelm has been trying to hold the local government together. This, in spite of clear evidence that Dwerport’s local Assassins’ Guild clearly had their hands in the murder of the former mayor.
  • At some point in October of 916, a force of eight ships from Dolheim, carrying about 150 soldiers and led by one of Prince Svartsen’s Twelve Barons, the Baroness Skaadi, arrived in Dwerport. They bombarded the town with canon for a day and then marched in and declared martial law. The Baroness took Vice-Mayor Flinthelm prisoner and tried to find out what had disrupted Shade Abbey‘s shipments to Dolheim. Meanwhile, King Bjornstraand of Dämmendell tried to send emissaries to Dwerport for news of what was going on, but the Baroness kept them prisoner too. Bjornstraand responded to this by sending the adventuring company to investigate; they arrived (on Halloween!) and manged to convince the Baroness that they were from Shade Abbey themselves. They offered to ransom Fruben to King Bjornstraand for her; they asked for and received a battalion of fifty men to help shore up the abbey’s defenses; and while they were in town, they helped the Thieves’ Guild to blow up the Dolhemians’ munitions stores.
  • In December of 916, Baroness Skaadi was recalled to Dolheim, disgraced by her own incompetence. In January of 917, King Bjornstraand made Matriarch Garavel the enfeoffed baroness of Dwerport; the dwarven high-priestess is now a noblewoman and has autocratic power second only to that of her king. She occupied the Temple of the Æsir in town, and she gave the old mayor’s manor over to the adventuring company to use as a home-base while in Dwerport. Since the start of her rule, Lady-Matriarch Garavel has vowed to crack down on both the Thieves’ Guild and the Assassins’ Guild, without any mercy afforded to either.

People of Dwerport

Places of Interest in Dwerport

  • The Harbor’s Haven Hostel, an upscale inn and tavern where the party stayed while they were in Dwerport.
  • Mother Malum’s Fortunes and Witchery, a magic shop.
  • The Rigged Sail, a much rougher tavern on the docks where sailors and pirates (as well as thieves and assassins) tend to hang out.
  • The Temple of the Æsir, Dwerport’s largest church; it was run by Bishop O’Dell, but now Matriarch Garavel resides there, ruling both the church (as high priestess) and the town (as baroness).
  • The Thieves’ Guild Guildhouse, which is located way up in the northeastern section of town, not far from the city walls.


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