Hellstrommus Tower

This small citadel, built from polished black stone, is the home of a necromancer, Dr. Cornelius Hellstrommus. It sits upon a high, dry, spooky hill in the middle of nowhere, in the undead-haunted marshes of the West Merkbog. The inside of the tower is comfortable in a gothic, “the Addams Family meets the Munsters” sort of way; and it is inhabited by Dr. Hellstrommus’s weird creations, notably his moreaus (amongst other undead).

First Floor
The ground level consists of four rooms: an entry-hall and sitting-room with a fireplace, guarded by living iron statues; a library of necromatic and biological lore; a ghastly sort of museum where dead animals and bits of flesh are kept alive with electricity; and small side-room with stairs descending down to the basement.

Second Floor
A kitchen and larder, with nothing terribly out-of-the-ordinary about it.

Third Floor
The doctor’s bedroom. His bed is done up in black, with skull motifs everywhere.

Fourth Floor
The laboratory, with access to the rooftop in order to capture lightning and thereby give the doctor’s creations life…

This chamber has a great stone sarcophagus fixed to the middle of the floor, flanked by two gargoyle-statues and four stone pillars. The sarcophagus could not be opened by any means the adventuring company tried. They did, however, find a magical orb of knocking in the possession of Dr. Hellstrommus after killing him…

Hellstrommus Tower

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