The lands of Jeroyia are essentially a great peninsula jutting more or lest straight west out into the Westron Ocean. The bulk of this landmass is covered in a dense, old-growth forest known as the Elvenwood of Arettany. There are no cities within the Elvenwood: the elves that dwell there are a wild sort, living only in small treetop settlements and the occasional temporary hunting-camp.

It is the finger of land jutting out to the southwest, a land of grassy plans and rough, rocky foothills, when men dwell. Here, the humans have made the Kingdom of Jeroyia, which more or less entirely consists of a few towns and cities running along the coast (from north to south, these are: Vindock; Port Charles, which is the capital; Thelb; Montpierre, and Dumat). Inland are three towns of note: Champe-Grise; Degonna, on the banks of the Elendel River which flows out of the Elevenwood; and Bearbury, situated in the hilly country in the southeast.


While the elves of Arettany follow their traditional faith, the humans of Jeroyia are a mix of Laeshic and Imperial stock. Within the kingdom, the Imperial Church holds sway: the old Elvish faith of the Dagda, the Morrigan, and the Samhain is considered paganism to be rooted out and destroyed.

Jeroyia is also home to the Druid Order (which, to be clear, is more of a wizards’ society than a religious organization). The Hierophant and the White Council hold court in Degonna, out of a citadel known as the Arxmagna.

The language of Jeroyia and Arettany is called Jeroise (pronounced “zher-WAZ”). The currency of the kingdom is the silver ├ęcu.

Politics in Jeroyia are a simple affair: the nation is an autocracy, and the current monarch, King Charles XVI, reigns supreme. His summer palace, in Champe-Grise, is said to be the most splendid in the world, although its splendor is, of course, funded by heavy taxes levied on a struggling peasantry.


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