Lethandria is a continent on Færith. The present campaign begins in the year 916 by modern reckoning: nine-hundred and sixteen years since the founding of the old Connaian Empire (and close to a thousand years since the Dark Knight broke Elvendom, and Páradhel sank). In that time, the peoples of Lethandria have built new kingdoms, and they have advanced their technology to something approximating our own world around the year 1800, give or take a few advances in specific fields. (The Lethandrians are further ahead that we were, for example, in the areas of electricity and astronomy, but quite a bit behind in the fields of travel and communication.)

The major kingdoms of Lethandria include Latia, Laomark, Jeroyia, Nestived, Rûne, Lasaveya, Sariid, and the Free States of Corscony. The former Connaian Empire bears special mention, even though it no longer exists as a sovereign state, because its history is so deeply intertwined with the Imperial Church.

The Shade Isle campaign deals primarily, though, with the newly-founded kingdom of Dolheim and its pœnal colony across the sea, Shade Isle.


Regions that border Lethandria include Oberonia, a jungle-covered continent to the south; Al-Qahad, land of deserts to the southeast; the Calidico Islands, tropical and controlled by nationless buccaneers; and Arkhänia, a wasteland in the east positively crawling with goblins, trolls, and worse.


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