Matriarch Garavel

Garavel is the high priestess of the dwarves of Dämmendell. She is both a sage and a clergywoman dedicated to the worship of all seven of the northern gods. A number of monks and acolytes serve under her as lesser priests, but most of these are ordinary dwarves who happen to have taken religious vows, not white-magic-users able to cast spells.

The Matriarch’s appearance is always impeccable, just one tiny bit of evidence that testifies to her generally fastidious nature and prim demeanor. She is a great lover of formalities, and observes all proprieties at all times. Unfortunately, this extends to include total disdain for elves and a certain level dismissiveness towards humans—she really only acknowledges dwarves and gnomes, and in the latter case that’s more polite toleration than genuine acceptance.

That said, Garavel does have respect for fellow druids, and she has already helped Connor MacLeary to train for new experience levels (or learn new spells) on occasion.

In January of 917, following the recall of Baroness Skaadi back to Dolheim, King Bjornstraand bestowed a writ of enfeoffment upon Matriarch Garavel and made her a noblewoman—a baroness in her own right, and the ruler of Dwerport and its environs. Shortly thereafter, the matriarch moved to Dwerport and took up residence at the Temple of the Æsir there.

Garavel seems to have some sort of unpleasant history with Grandfather; when Dwerport’s guild-master of assassins dropped in on a meeting unannounced, the matriarch’s reaction was barely-contained, seething rage, followed by a prompt and huffy exit.

Matriarch Garavel

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