The Merkbog is a vast swamp that covers the southwest of Shade Isle. There are many sucking mud-pits and quicksand-patches, but also safer paths with solid soil, sharp swamp-grass, and tall buttress-rooted trees. If one can brave the inherent pitfalls and biting insects of the bog, it is possible to make one’s way through it—slowly.

A river called the Brunflow cuts the Merkbog into two distinct areas: the East Merkbog and the West Merkbog. The East Merkbog is dangerous enough, what with the local fauna consisting mostly of regular-sized vermin, bigger-than-regular-sized vermin, much-much-bigger-than-regular-sized vermin, and probably swamp monsters that want to eat your face off. The West Merkbog, though, is said to be far more perilous, thoroughly haunted by all manner of undead. (The party has not yet dared visit the West Merkbog, but they did purchase an apparent treasure-map showing a part of it from a sleazy peddler taking a “shortcut” from Dwerport to Sægen.)

There are places in the middle of the Merkbog, both east and west of the Brunflow, where ordinary marsh gives way to vast miles of quicksand-flats. Travel through these areas is effectively impossible unless it is the dead of winter.

As of April, 917, the Crown Princess Ingridine of Dämmendell has been missing in the Merkbog for nearly five months.

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