Old Fortress F1

Diro’s Tomb

The upper floor of the Old Fortress is comprised of two separate and mutually inaccessible areas: the guard-towers in the south, which are easily reached by a pair of spiral staircases from the main floor; and Diro’s Tomb, which can only reached after lifting the magical portcullis on the ground floor (the switch for which is down in the Goblin-King’s chamber, on the basement level). The guard-towers are a region of bare, gray stone, roughly hewn. In Diro’s Tomb, all the walls are smooth-polished stone, marred little by age.


69. The west guard-tower, where a stone spiral staircase descends to G0.17.

70. The central guard-tower; here an old bronze bell sat on a rickety wooden frame, fragile enough that the slightest touch would collapse it. Sure enough, Silverhart struck the bell, collapsed the frame, and probably alerted every monster on the level below.

71. The east guard-tower, where stairs twist down to area G0.20.

72. Antechamber to Diro’s Tomb.

73. General Diro’s Tomb. Here, the party fought with the undead geist of the long-dead Connaian General, Tullius Maximus Diro, along with a gaggle of skeletons and zombies which had been waiting in the side-chambers. The geist burst out of the sarcophagus, cracking the stone lid as he did so; some treasure was found both inside his coffin and hidden in his throne.

74. An ancient bath-chamber.

75. A room with walled mirrors and two treasures on marble pedestals: this is where the party found Frieda’s bronze shield +1 and Connor’s cursed mirror of narcissism.

76. A storeroom for perfumes and incense, the party here found a scrap of writing in General Diro’s own hand, which read (after translating from the Connaian): “…I know not what brings on these dolorous moods, but I believe that I shall end my life soon. Thank the gods for dear Quintus, for he is steadfast in his loyalty and will not try to dissuade me from my course—not even for such a precious reward as—”

77. A room that once had mirrored walls, now shattered.

Old Fortress F1

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