Onnus Eagan

“Oh, dear, that cut looks nasty. Tsk. Lucky thing, though: by the grace of Lord Nereus, I was able to brew up something yesterday that might just do the trick…”

Father Onnus has dwelt on Shade Isle for close to twenty-seven years. He was among the very first exiles transported here from Dolheim, and so his tenure on the island in fact predates the founding of Sægen Village. Nowadays, he is the keeper of the Starshrine to Nereus Oceanus. A pleasant-looking old man with a bald head, curly white beard, and merry blue-gray eyes, he usually dresses in a plain brown friar’s robe tied with a rope-belt. He is unfailingly kind and polite, and usually soft-spoken, but earnest in his faith in Nereus.

Onnus likes to tell the story of how, as he was exploring the untouched and wild lands around the mouth of the Schönflow, he stumbled across a humble pile of cut stones in the shape of a small building. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but he was wet and cold and exhausted: to him, it may as well have been a palace. He built a fire outside to warm himself against the cold night air; and then he crawled into the shrine to sleep under a dry, solid roof for the first time in many days. That night, the god Nereus Oceanus, patron of sailors (and Onnus Eagan had formerly been a sailor from Legas, in Latia), came to him in a dream. He told Onnus that this place was his Starshrine (whatever that meant), and that Onnus was to be his priest and prophet, to remain here and tend the shrine in the hope that worthy heroes would one day come and carry out a mighty labor foreordained by the gods.

Father Onnus sincerely believes that the adventuring company are the heroes of prophecy. To that end, he aids them with all his power—which is, admittedly, quite limited. Although he considers himself a priest and a prophet, he does not belong to the druid class and has no power to cast spells. However, he does have an unexplained ability (Father Onnus would say it’s god-given) to brew potions of all sorts. His potions can heal wounds, neutralize poisons, and cure diseases. The formulas and procedures required to make them come to the old priest in dreams. Father Onnus is also able to perform some spell-like effects, such as remove curse, by means of rituals or incantations which take many hours and leave him physically and mentally exhausted for a very long time afterwards.

Furthermore, again in spite of his being a normal, 0-level human, Father Onnus can train adventurer-level (i.e. 1st to 3rd level) druids up to the next level once they’ve amassed sufficiently many experience points.

Onnus Eagan

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