Patriarch Pallidech

“Worship? Devotion!? Bah, those things are for the zealots down on the lower levels. They’ll do whatever I tell them to. And why shouldn’t they? For I have the ear of their god!”

Paracelsus Peregrine Pallidech was the Patriarch (i.e. High Pirest) of the Church of Acrefatum and a 10th level Chaotic human sage. His personal chambers were in the Acrefatum Rectory, but he usually remained up in the center chamber of the Keep of the Soul-Still, unless he was holding court down in the throne-room of the Palatial Fortress.

The adventuring company fought and killed the Patriarch, right before they destroyed the Soul-Still. During their brief chat, the Patriarch offered them jobs with the Abbey, which they summarily turned down (with extreme prejudice). The Patriarch also implied that he wasn’t exactly a true believer, but was in fact using the cult to further his own political and pecuniary ambitions.

The adventuring company also found the Patriarch’s personal journal in his bedchamber, which implied that Mokor, Abbot of Shade Abbey, is in point of fact the brains behind the Church of Acrefatum.

Patriarch Pallidech

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