Sægen Village

Sægen Village is a ramshackle shantytown on the southern shore of Shade Isle, positioned at the mouth of the Schönflow River. To the west, across the river, is the Merkbog, a place too dangerous for most to visit; and to the east is the Lornwood, almost as dire a prospect. To the south is the one friendly place near Sægen: the Starshrine to Nereus Oceanus.

Sægen was founded a little over twenty-five years ago, when some of the first exiles from Dolheim were put ashore here. Since then, the village hasn’t grown very much, and it certainly hasn’t become a nice place to live in that time. The people of Sægen are an odd mixture of hardened criminals, political exiles and former rebels, and unfortunate souls who wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of this, it can be rough place to live—people are more inclined to mind their own business and save their own skins than ever stick their necks out for anyone.

The law in Sægen is strictly kept by two authority figures: the honorable Mayor Klaus Klaussen and his right-hand man, Sheriff Johann Vinter. Both style themselves “kingsmen” and are apparently in the employ of Prince Svartsen, even if they show no overt loyalty to the monarch who stuck them with the unenviable position of ruling a shantytown of exiles across the river from a swamp. It’s actually something of a testament to their political acumen—and their willingness to use brute force, without actually overdoing it—that the people of Sægen haven’t ever even tried to rise up against them.

Due to limited options, the folk of Sægen are forced to survive using whatever small means they have access to. Most try fishing, farming, hunting, trading, thieving, or taking up the occasional mercenary job.

News in Sægen

  • In July of 916, approximately two weeks before the first party-members arrived in Sægen Village, a band of stern, quiet men in black robes passed through the village. They didn’t speak much about their business, beyond asking a few questions about the Old Fortress a day’s hike east of the village. The adventuring company later discovered that these men were cultists from Shade Abbey.
  • Also around the same time the first PCs arrived in Sægen Village, the locals were having trouble with bandits in the Lornwood causing all sorts of trouble: raiding the village, kidnapping villagers, and hitting merchants on the road. The party took care of them, but not without cost.

People of Sægen

Places of Interest in Sægen

  • Bertram’s General Goods, really more of a junk and curio shop than a place to buy anything useful
  • Doyle’s Flophouse, the village’s only inn and drinking establishment
  • The Gaolhouse, home base for Sheriff Vinter and his Goon Squad
  • Grashka’s Forge, where the town’s blacksmith and tinker mostly repairs tools
  • Lauralina’s Apothecary, where the town’s chemist and physician makes and sells medicines
  • The Lighthouse, which sits on a small rocky island some miles west out to sea.
  • The Adventuring Company’s Mansion, now complete with wizard’s tower. It’s still under construction, though.

Sægen Village

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