Sariid (pronounced “Sah-REED”) is so far from Shade Isle that a full article isn’t really necessary, but some notes are in order. The Sariidish peninsula divides the Westron Ocean from the Auradeep Sea. To the north, a range of mountains called the Crescents separate this kingdom from the plains of Nestived. Another mountain range, the Purple Peaks, runs along the west coast and seems to continue out into the ocean, forming the Calidico Archipelago.

The Calidicos are not claimed by any nation-state; rather, they are ruled by proudly stateless buccaneers. The small isles themselves, in order from northeast to southwest, are called: Rumbarrel, Galley, Flint, Peg, Spearhead, Mainsail, Skull, Deadparrot, Hook, Crosshair, Dubloon, Compass, and Cutlass. Just south and west of Cutlass Isle is the large Kuzha Island, where stands an Oberonian colony called Galbrina which is independent of the Calidico buccaneers.

Important cities of Sariid include El Sianto, Questa, Vellijo, the capital city of Ceranna, and the far southern port of Orocco, where a huge stone bridge and wall known as the Sariid Sea-Gate actually stretches all the way across the channel there, connecting the continents of Lethandria and Oberonia. Orocco’s control of all sea-travel (and tolls charged for the same) between the Auradeep and Calidico Seas, to say nothing of land-travel between Sariid and Oberonia, makes that city (and by extension, the kingdom of Sariid) both fabulously wealthy, and powerful to a degree that instills great resentment in other nations.

Like Jeroyia, Sariid is an autocracy; the present ruler is an ambitious politician, Queen Lucia I. The currency used in both Sariid itself and in the Calidico Islands is the Sariidish silver dollar.


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