The Shade Isle Campaign takes place on a world called Færith, an earthlike planet in a cosmos very much like our own. Færith’s universe is not our universe, nor does Færith exist in the same universe as the world of Gaia. But it does exist in a universe like ours, in a galaxy like ours (inhabited by many races, naturally), and in a solar system quite unlike ours (because it has other planets which are most definitely inhabited).

But none of this is to the point. A thousand years ago, the people of Færith had achieved a technologically modern—and yet still highly magical—civilization. Then came the Dark Knight Merkedar, a mortal man who sought to cheat death. He broke a sacred ban by setting foot upon the elves’ homeland of Páradhel, in the West, whence grew the Golden Apples of the Tree of Life at the heart of Elvendom on Færith. To even touch the tree or one of its fruit was the highest sacrilege; Merkedar ate one, and in so doing, he broke the Law of the Elven Gods—and broke the world.

Since that day, Færith has been climbing its way out of a Dark Age. The elves—every last one of them—are mortal now, because of Merkedar’s sin. Their homeland is gone, lost beneath the waves of the Westron Ocean. Much lore and knowledge of the days before the Fall has been lost, and much is only now being rediscovered. The high magic of the days of old, and the advanced science and technology from that time, are barely on the brink of rediscovery.

The world is changed. Many of the kingdoms which have arisen in the last millennium are not the same as those that once covered the face of the planet. On the continent of Lethandria, people have not yet traveled wide or explored far; they only know that a continent to the south, Oberonia, is yet wild and untamed; the lands to the southeast, Al-Qahad, are inhospitable desert; and somewhere in the Far East are the fair lands of Khatman and T’ianga, but reaching them would involve crossing the monster-infested wastes of Arkhänia. And westward, across the great ocean, of all who have ever sailed or flown, none have ever returned to speak of what they’ve found. Lethandria is quite isolated.

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