Shade Abbey 2B

This area sits a half-mile west of Shade Abbey’s main levels, at a depth of some 230 feet underground. It is accessible from a long, hidden tunnel which has its opening at the bottom of a well in the secret room 2A.11e of the Temple of Mortifications.


1. Entryway. The passage to the south is completely collapsed after about 25’. The passageway to the east proceeds half a mile in that direction, gradually narrowing from 10’ to 4’ wide and ending at the bottom of the well at area 2A.11e. The large set of double-doors to the west is plain, gray, unmarked stone and warded by some kind of powerful abjuration. Unable to pound their way through the door with weapons, and finding that the enchantment seems identical to the one wading the doors to area 2A.19, the party has theorized (but not yet tested) that a knock spell won’t work and that an incantation from the Domstag Codex may be required to open this door.

2. Summoning Room. This chamber is mostly empty, except for a large arcane symbol etched onto the floor and filled in with various colored mineral powders. The symbols seem to represent the Elemental Planes of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. There are four waist-high bronze pedestals positioned in such a way that they form a square around the symbol on the floor. One stand was empty, one held a pile of earth, one a basin of water, and one a pile of kindling. Deliah set the kindling on fire and considered conjuring herself a fire elemental, but then thought better of it and instead decided to draw herself a copy of the symbol to reproduce elsewhere, later on.

Shade Abbey 2B

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