Shade Isle

Shade Isle is an island roughly 12,000 square miles in size (120 miles north-south by about 100 miles east-west), situated perhaps fifty miles off the coast of Arkhänia, across the Nhordic Sea from Dolheim and Lasaveya.

Exiles from Dolheim are transported to Shade Isle. Sometimes they’re unceremoniously dropped off at a shantytown on the south shore of the island called Sægen Village, while at other times they’re put off at the port-town of Dwerport.

While much of Shade Isle is wild and unexplored, the known regions are ruled by three powers, all of which are more or less leaving each other alone at the moment. The south of the island lives in fear of Shade Abbey, a temple which houses the evil Church of Acrefatum, known for sending its guards out on slave-taking patrols to bring forced labor, sacrifices, and converts both willing and unwilling to the abbey. The center of the island is held by Dämmendell, the remnants of an old dwarf-kingdom which was destroyed by a black dragon nearly a century ago. Said dragon, Anarxis of the North, has long since laid waste to the northernmost third of the island, and he now rules the Desolation there.

Shade Isle also boasts a peculiar feature: out-of-the-way little temples and sacred groves known as Starshrines, which seem to be capable of bestowing visions from the gods and bursts of divine inspiration or prophecy.


The party has visited the following areas:

The Sægen Village area

The Lornwood

The Merkbog

The Shade Abbey region

Thunder Table

The Zhadenalv Mountains, of which Dämmendell is a part

The Berserk Bay region, notably the town of Dwerport

The party has not yet visited (but has heard about):

The Desolation of Anarxis, including a place called Ruckberg

The Dimmenwald

The Rorgan Village area

Shade Isle

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