For reasons yet uncovered, Shade Isle is home to a number of “Starshrines”, strange and out-of-the-way locations where small temples or sacred groves seem to impart visions from the gods and bestow magical gifts upon certain individuals who visit the shrine and spend an entire night sleeping there.

Some people—apparently, as far the adventuring company has been able to discern, anyone in their party with a character class and an experience level—who sleep in a Starshrine receive a vision in their dreams from the deity to whom the Starshrine is dedicated. In the dream, they are visited by the god or goddess, who implores them to be heroes and fight evil, or speaks to them some prophetic words about evil coming to Shade Isle. When they awaken, these characters are filled with divine inspiration (in the form of bonus experience points); and the first time the party rests at a Starshrine, a shrine gift—a magical item of some sort—is found on the shrine’s altar that morning.

Characters who tend to be skeptical of the supernatural (cough Henrik ahem) have noted that “the gods” seem to be singularly indiscriminate in their dispensing of prophecy, and more repetitive and predictable than one might expect a religious experience to be.

Starshrines Visited by the Party So Far:

1. The Starshrine to Nereus Oceanus, just south of Sægen Village
2. The Starshrine to Jordha, in the Lornwood
3. The Starshrine to Alfader, in the Zhadenalv Mountains
4. The Starshrine to Thünor, in the far northeast of Thunder Table
5. The Starshrine to Baldur, in the Merkbog


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