The Shade Isle Campaign

Game Session #20: It only took 19 prior games to reach dungeon level 2!

A nice, short, sweet summary this week. The party spent the entire session dungeon-crawling, exploring the following areas on the following dungeon levels:

Shade Abbey 1B, the Temple of Devotions—the party explored rooms 33, 36, 38, and 41 through 45. In room 44, they found the stairs down to…

Shade Abbey 2A, the Temple of Mortifications—where the party explored rooms 1, 2, and 11 through 29. In area 11, they also found a long passageway to a separate sub-level, Shade Abbey 2B, although they couldn’t get past the door at area 1 on that level.

And that’s it. Until next week.


jhiggins327 jhiggins327

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