Eben the Swordsman

Neutral Human Fighter, Lv3


Str 13 (+1)
Dex 10
Con 12
Int 11
Wis 17 (+2)
Cha 9

Hit Points: 12
Armor Class: 3 (5 without shield)
Fighting Capability: +2 (melee +3, missile +2, save 9)
Experience: 7,137 / 12,000

Racial Talents: Ambitious & Adaptable
Class Abilities: Focused Strike 1/battle, Perfect Parry 1/battle, Split Focus 1/battle
Skills: Athletics 3, Perception 3, Stealth 2, Trade 2
Languages: Nhordi

Equipment: Brigandine (20 lbs), Fergus the Assassin‘s Daisho (7 lbs), Shield (5 lbs.)
Treasure: none
Encumbrance: 32 / 40 lbs. (unencumbered)
Movement: 120’ (40’)


Not long after the short career of Flint the Burglar came to an end at the hands of some hungry ghouls, Eben the Swordsman was found a prisoner of the goblins in the Old Connaian Fortress. Grateful to his rescuers, he lent his sword-arm to the adventuring company’s efforts, and he even helped them defeat the infamous killer known only as Fergus the Assassin. After claiming the fearsome hit-man’s weapons for his own, Eben retired from the treasure-hunting life for a while. Now he serves as one of the house guard for the company’s newly-built mansion in Sægen Village.

Eben the Swordsman

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