Frieda Waldenkrieger

Lawful Human Knight, Lv4


Str 16 (+2)
Dex 11
Con 11
Int 9
Wis 11
Cha 8 (−1)

Hit Points: 25 (hit dice 4d8, average value 18)
Armor Class: −2 (2 without shield)
Fighting Capability: +4 (melee +6, missile +4, save 9)
Experience: 22,621 / 27,000

Racial Talents: Ambitious & Adaptable
Class Abilities: Focused Strike 1/battle, Perfect Parry 1/battle, Split Focus 1/battle, Whirlwind Attack 1/battle
Skills: Athletics 2, Knowledge 2, Medicine 1, Outdoors 4, Stealth 2
Languages: Nhordi

Equipment: Elfsteel Plate Armor +1 (15 lbs), Bronze Connaian Shield +1 (5 lbs), Elfsteel Broadsword +1 (2 lbs), Dragonsbane Falchion +1, +3 (4 lbs), Dämmendell Fury (10 lbs)
Treasure: 50 gp
Encumbrance: 36 / 40 lbs (unencumbered)
Movement: 120’ (40’)


Frieda Waldenkrieger was a small girl when she was exiled from Dolheim to Shade Isle, transported along with the rest of her family. Her parents were suspected of being rebels and accused of helping Rûnefolk escape across the southern border to evade slave-takers. Frieda has thus grown up on Shade Isle, becoming a skilled huntress and swordswoman by dint of her own skill and tenacity: she is practically a self-taught ranger.

Frieda’s manner is brusque and her words few, but she cares deeply for those she considers friends and has a strong sense of justice. She despises both the Dolhemian government and the cultists of Shade Abbey, even more so now that she knows that they have some kind of bargain between them and deal in the salve-trade: that makes it personal for her. Frieda is also relatively pious for an adventurer: her experiences wandering Shade Isle and receiving visions from the gods themselves at the Starshrines have only strengthened her faith.

Frieda Waldenkrieger

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