Partrix Craghorn

Lawful Ogre Porter, Lv0


Hit Points: 4

Salary: 30 cp / month


Partrix is an ogre whose grandparents emigrated from Nestived to Rûne, before the founding of Dolheim. After Svartsen’s conquest, his parents fought against the Black Knight’s army as part of the Rûnelanders’ rebellion; both were killed. Partrix was transported to Shade Isle by virtue of his close familial association with rebels, but he hates war and violence and isn’t much of a fighter anyway. In fact, he’s much better at telling stories, and wants to become a bard, or perhaps a playwright or novelist.

In the meanwhile, he has hired himself out to the adventuring party as a porter, groom, and quartermaster. He carries the gear, sets up and tends to the camp, cares for the animals, and so forth. On a good day, he gets to carry the party’s bag of holding, a magical artifact that makes his life considerably easier.

Partrix Craghorn

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