Sven Edgren

Lawful Human Man-at-Arms, Lv0


Hit Points: 8 (1 HD)
Armor Class: 2 (Plate Armor and Shield)
Fighting Capability: +2 (melee +2, missile +2, save 7)

Equipment: Flintlock Pistol (3 lbs), 20 Bullets (1 lb), Spear (3 lbs), Plate Armor (30 lbs), Shield (5 lbs), DDF (10 lbs)
Encumbrance: 52 / 80 lbs (lightly encumbered)
Movement: 90’ (30’)

Salary: 25 gp / month


Now in his early thirties, Sven was transported to Shade Isle as a teenager for stealing food on the streets of Jearing, Dolheim’s capital city. Since then, he has survived mostly by remaining in and around Sægen Village, where he initially continued to steal, only to get caught by Sheriff Vinter himself. The sheriff took pity on the lad the offered to spare him a sentence in the gaol-house and even teach him to fight, in exchange for service. Afterwards, Sven served the sheriff of Sægen, first as a constable on the sheriff’s Goon Squad, then as a proper village guard in the service of Mayor Klaussen. Now he serves the adventuring company of Henrik, Viktor, &al., as a paid mercenary.

After the death of longtime fellow-armsman Naeyl Røddenbald, Sven has resolved to retire from the front-lines of the adventuring company and serve in a support-capacity, helping Partrix Craghorn guard the heroes’ camp or serving out of Sægen Village as a house-steward in the adventuring company’s mansion, overseeing the house-guard there.

After a long absence, the adventuring company returned to Sægen Village for a time, in June of the year 917 (roughly a year’s time since Henrik, Viktor, and Silverhart first landed on Shade Isle, at the very beginning of the adventuring company and its many exploits). While they were there, they didn’t see any sign of Sven in the village, a fact which went curiously unnoticed, and unremarked upon.

The question before us, ladies and gentlemen, is this: where’s Sven now?

Sven Edgren

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