The Shade Isle Campaign

Game Session #21: The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures

All right! So this past Sunday’s game was a solid mix of role-playing, capers, overworld exploration, and dungeon-crawl. Here’s the rundown:

  • The game opened on the morning of May 14th, 917, with the adventuring company—still consisting of early party-members Henrik Iverssen, Viktor Forsman, and Connor MacLeary; henchman Frieda Waldenkrieger; hireling Partrix Craghorn; mid-season recruits Gibli, Deliah, and Klaus Bleowulf; and, while we’re being thorough here, familiar spirits Gedry the puppy and Salazar the cobra—camped outside of Shade Abbey. This motley crew had just finished its first major delve down into the abbey’s second dungeon level. Having retrieved a number of scrolls and grimoires from the Black Knight’s treasure-hoard, the company decided to travel back to Dämmendell so that the casters could learn new spells from them.
  • Along the way, they had a random encounter with a young red dragon, which they fortunately caught sleeping and were able to slay quickly. That said, the party took a terrible risk in provoking a sleeping dragon, and that with no prospect of finding any treasure for their trouble.
  • Back in Dämmendell, the company learned that, as expected, the jarlsmoot of dwarven nobles had managed to get King Bjornstraand to name his cousin, Orrin Eisengant, the new heir to the throne. In addition to studying spells, Connor (with help from skilled trackers Viktor and Freida) found a pack of wolves and (by means of speak with animal) convinced one of their number to join him as an animal companion. Viktor, meanwhile, had the dwarves’ tinkerer, Kayla Klickenklamp, build him a gauntlet that can spray a burst of blinding dust or sand into an opponent’s face.
  • Now the party resolved to visit Sægen Village again, after an absence of many months. Jonétticel, guild-mistress of the Dwerport Thieves’ Guild, had some time ago asked Gibli, Connor, and Klaus to pull a job for her in Sægen: to break into the home of Mayor Klaus Klaussen and steal his writ and badge of office (both given to the mayor by Prince Svartsen of Dolheim). During their last stay in Sægen, Connor and Henrik had invested some considerable monies in the local economy, they had helped to open a more secure trade-route to Dwerport, and they’d started a brew-pub out of their own manor-house (to be run by their house guards, Eben and Vlad). The pub, which has had some success in the village since the adventurers were last here, proved to be a useful resource for this caper: as a distraction, the bulk of the company’s membership was able to keep Mayor Klaussen and Sheriff Vinter entertained at their pub, while Gibli broke into the mayor’s house and nicked the coveted contraband.
  • Curiously, party hireling Sven Edgren, who had retired from the dangerous life of a dungeon-delving man-at-arms to become the company’s house steward in Sægen, was nowhere to be seen. Nobody asked after him or noticed his absence. Huh.
  • Some of the adventurers finally visited the Sægen Village lighthouse for the first time and met its keeper, old Smitty Hoskins.
  • Now the party turned their attention to exploring the rest of the Lornwood‘s points of interest. They made a grand tour of the dark forest, passing through the Grimp Lair, the Goblin Lair, the Gnoll House, and the Giant Spiders’ Nest, killing things and taking their stuff in keeping with the grand auld tradition.
  • During their travels in the Lornwood, the party had another interesting random encounter, this time with a flock of hippogriffs. Instead of simply killing them all, they chose to capture and subdue one, using rope to hobble its legs and bind its wings until such time as they could get the beast back to town and train it as a mount. Frieda wound up naming their captured monster “Kristoff”, after (paraphrasing her words) a boy she knew when she was younger, of similar temperament.
  • Finally, the party arrived back at the Abandoned Shack. Connor and Deliah were now able to examine the weird place more thoroughly, and they determined that there was some freaky-deaky dream-magic and eldritch moon-mojo going on here. As it was still within two days of the full moon, they decided to try bedding down and sleeping in the shack that night. This had the effect of transporting everyone in the party to a strange and otherworldly place, Castle Melènkâr.
  • A dungeon-crawl for all intents and purposes, the party spent the remainder of the adventure exploring the east wing of Castle Melènkâr, where they encountered some rather twisted phenomena. As of the end of the game-session, the party is still somewhere in that castle.


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