Abandoned Shack

An old, ruined, abandoned shack, with one wall collapsed and empty of occupants, sits on the eastern shore of Shade Isle, on a peninsula of land that sticks out east of the Lornwood.

Both Henrik’s ætheric flux detector and Deliah’s detect magic spell found faint magic of the Conjuration school radiating from every last beam and stone in the entire structure.

In spite of the inclement weather (a November blizzard was pounding the east coast of Shade Isle at the time), the party decided that staying the night here might be dangerous and left for other shelter.

The company finally returned to this place in June of the year 917. This was the first time that Connor had been able to examine the house, but it was actually Deliah’s familiar spirit, Gedry, who was able to inform his mistress that the magic in the shack “smelled sort of like fairies, but not quite… more like dreams.” The party bedded down and spent the night here, and when they woke up, they found themselves somewhere else entirely: the foyer of Castle Melènkâr.

Abandoned Shack

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