Church of Acrefatum

This Chaotic cult operates out of Shade Abbey. Acrefatum (pronounced “OCK-ruh-FAH-toom”; the name comes from the Connaian for “Bitter Fate”) seems to be a death-cult, whose followers worship the very concept of death. Their god, Domstag, is either a god of death or an apocalyptic entity of some kind.

The Church of Acrefatum is in league with the nation of Dolheim. By some agreement struck between Abbot Mokor and Prince Svartsen the Black, Shade Abbey produces mana stones for Dolheim, and in exchange, Dolheim sends prisoners and exiles to populate Shade Isle.

The Church mostly keeps its rites and practices within Shade Abbey, but they nevertheless operate with impunity upon Shade Isle, sending out frequent patrols to waylay travelers on the road. Those who are captured by the Church are fated to become human scarifies, slave labor, or brainwashed zealots.

The Church of Acrefatum has several different types of followers, including common worshipers, inducted cultists, a militant arm, and the priesthood. The priesthood consists of a hierarchy of monks, ranging from low-level acolytes and adepts up to high offices like abbot and patriarch.

Church of Acrefatum

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