Dämmendell is a dwarvenholt and mountain palace in the Zhadenalv Mountains. Up a long, winding, stone-cut highway into the mountains, marked first by small rock cairns to show the way, then by watchtowers manned by grim dwarf soldiers, one passes through a great stone door and a tunnel warded by five broad iron portcullises before coming into central chamber. From there, one can visit the dwarves’ forges, barracks, mess-and-ale-hall, Matriarch Garavel’s temple, and King Bjornstraand’s throne room.

When Anarxis came to the north a hundred years ago and laid waste to the dwarf-kingdom there, the dwarves were forced to retreat south. Dämmendell is their last stronghold on Shade Isle; it is from here that they hope to regrow their numbers and their military strength, so that someday they might strike back, slay the dragon, and reclaim their homeland. But until that day, they wait, treating all with a mixture of courtesy and caution.

News in Dämmendell

  • Frankly, the most interesting thing to happen to Dämmendell in years is the news that the adventuring company brings from time to time, when they visit and tell the dwarves of their exploits delving into old ruins or attempting to clear out Shade Abbey
  • With recent murder of Mayor Danver in Dwerport, King Bjornstraand has dispatched one of his vassals, Fruben Flinthelm, to run the town until a new mayor can be elected.
  • The crown-princess of Dämmendell and heir to King Bjornstraand’s throne, his nice the Princess Ingridine, has been missing for many weeks now. A reckless but seasoned adventuress, the princess was last seen striking out into the Merkbog on her own. (As of April 917, she’s been missing for more than four months now—an entire season.)
  • In mid-January of 917, King Bjornstraand bestowed a writ of enfeoffment upon Matriarch Garavel, making her the baroness of Dwerport. Her Ladyship has since moved to Dwerport, where she now both rules the town as her fiefdom and “tends to the flock” out of the Temple of the Æsir there.
  • As of late April, 917, Princess Ingridine has been declared dead; at the end of the month, an eight-day period of mourning had all of the dwarves in Dämmendell wearing hoods over their faces, and all the male members of King Bjornstraand’s royal house sheared off half their beards. The mourning-period ended May the 6th, thus beginning a moot among the nobles of Dämmendell to settle the line of succession. King Bjornstraand warned the adventuring company that he feared that his scheming cousin, Orrin Eisengant, as the next in line for the throne by blood, would almost certainly be declared the next heir.

People of Dämmendell


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