Engines & Empires

The Engines & Empires Campaign Compendium is both a rules modification and a campaign setting for Labyrinth Lord.

The Shade Isle Campaign uses most of E&E’s rules alterations, but it is not set in E&E’s world of Gaia. Shade Isle also uses a different array of races and classes, specific to the Færith setting; these are found on the House Rules page.

E&E’s default setting, Gaia, is a world populated by many races: a native elflike race called fays; many “faerie” races, including elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, centaurs, fauns, merrows, and sylphs, all of which were magically summoned into Gaia thousands of years ago from another world called Faerie; and humans, the most recent arrivals. Over the millennia, Gaia has developed a modern civilization with a level of technological and societal development analogous to Earth’s early 19th century (more Napoleonic than Victorian). The setting is full of political intrigue and international conflict, and it’s best suited to “pulp adventure” style campaigns after the fashion of an Indiana Jones movie, but flavored with the trappings of high fantasy, science fantasy, and steampunk.

From E&E, The Shade Isle Campaign chiefly makes use of the technology rules (including the technologist class and the various widgets, gadgets, and gizmos described under technological item creation) and the combat rules (especially Fighting Capability and the single Saving Throw statistic). Shade Isle’s skill list is identical to the skill list in Engines & Empires, but the mechanics for skills are greatly improved here: where E&E uses two separate mechanics for skill checks (rolled on 1d6) and ability checks (rolled on 1d20), Shade Isle unifies those into a single ability check mechanic (rolled on 1d12).

Engines & Empires

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