Gnoll House

An eerie, dilapidated old house stands in a clearing, deep in a dark and spooky part of the southeastern Lornwood. It looks like a mansion shrunk down to the size of a normal two-story house, and in fact it’s even simpler than that on the inside—both the first and second floors are only single rooms.

When the adventuring company found and approached this place, they saw large red eyes peering out through the darkened first-floor windows. Meanwhile, a ladder propped up against the side of the house led up to the second story, where there stood an enormous glittering emerald*, the size of a man’s head, faceted and flawless, set upon a brass stand.

The light-swallowing gloom within the house proved to be on account of the presence of more than a dozen gnolls, who attacked the company when Connor tried to set the house on fire. Meanwhile, the giant emerald up on the top floor proved to be a completely intangible illusion. A trapdoor in the floor of the house, however, did lead down into a small basement, really little more than a dug-out hole, like an old-fashioned storm-cellar. Here, amidst the gnawed bones and other grisly remains of the gnolls’ unwholesome habits, the company did find a bit of actual treasure.

* Yes, this is a literary reference.

Gnoll House

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