mana stone

A mana stone is a small crystal, approximately the size of a golf ball. Mana stones are faceted, like cut gems, and they come in many colors. Some are a single, solid color; these glitter much like gems. Others have swirl or stripe patterns, making them look rather like polished marble or other kinds of rock. All mana stones appear to have a faint light coming from deep within them, which causes the stone to glow, at least until the magic within the stone is used.

A mana stone stores a single casting of a specific spell, very much like a magical scroll. As with a scroll, a spell cast from a mana stone takes effect at the 6th caster level. Unlike a scroll, however, one need not be a spell-caster to draw the magic from within a mana stone; one need only hold the crystal and concentrate for a moment (one round’s action is sufficient).

Experiments conducted by the adventuring party, chiefly led by Henrik and Connor, discovered that the physical contact required to activate a mana stone could be extended along lines of telluric cricuitry. By lacing Connor’s staff with telluric crystal, he could activate a mana stone placed into a setting at the tip of the staff by holding the haft of his weapon and focusing his thoughts on the crystal. Likewise, a bazooka-like gun made from elfsteel and telluric crystal could be made to draw the magic out of mana stones loaded into it when the wielder pulled a trigger that completed the telluric circuit. In this fashion, Henrik, Kayla Klickenklamp, and Forgemaster Elrick were able to invent the Dämmendell Fury.

As it turned out, though, the mana stones were being produced in Shade Abbey by the evil Church of Acrefatum, as a part of a deal with the nation of Dolheim. The energy to make the stones came from distilled human souls, rendered down into base ectoplasm by a Chaotic artifact, the Soul-Still. Since the adventuring company has destroyed the Soul-Still—and the creator of the still, Patriarch Pallidech, is now dead—it’s possible that the world’s supply of mana stones is now finite.

mana stone

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