Starshrine to Jordha

This starshrine is found deep in the Lornwood, about five leagues northwest of the Old Connaian Fortress (a.k.a. Diro’s Tomb). The shrine seems almost like a natural growth of the forest, but for its perfect regularity: two straight rows of alternating oak and ash trees weave their branches overhead in a vault-like shape that resembles the inside of a church. In the center of this grove is a three-foot-high, two-tiered altar, circular in shape, with a stone carving of an overflowing cornucopia in the center—the holy symbol of the earth-goddess, Jordha (pronounced “YOR-tha”, with ah hard “th”, like “the”).

The Starshrine to Jordha is apparently abandoned; no shrine-keeper or priest resides here to tend it.

Demeter.jpgNevertheless, when the adventuring company rested here, they received a vision from Jordha, appearing as a stately and lovely golden-haired woman in a green dress that seemed spun from emeralds. She kissed each member of the company upon the brow and told them that a great evil slept beneath Shade Isle; should it return, it would be their destiny to fight against it.

When the player characters awoke, each had received 2,000 bonus XP (this having been the second shrine they’d visited, after the shrine to Nereus). They also found that a unique and very useful magical item, the jug of Jordha, had appeared upon the altar that morning as a shrine gift.

Starshrine to Jordha

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